It’s not a party without balloons!

Balloon Arrangements Hand-Crafted With Love!

Balloon Arrangements Hand-Crafted With Love!

We pride ourselves in having the best balloon decorations in Dallas and in providing you outstanding customer service that exceeds your expectations.  Below you will find details on each of our balloon arrangements and services.  Please contact us for a free quote so we can discuss your vision, customize your arrangement, and make you shine!

Local Delivery Avialable

Capped at 60 miles

1 day (24hr) Orders Available

50% NON-Refundable Deposit

$50 In Home Consultation

Applies toward order

Decor Coordinator



Starting at $300

Our beautiful balloon garlands are perfect for accenting your doorways, staircases, tables, and pretty much anything.  They look great anywhere and for any event where you need a splash of color and creativity.  All garlands can be customized to your specific colors, length, theme, and flair.  Contact us for a quote,  and we will discuss your personal preferences and help you make your vision come to life.


Starting at $100

Our balloon columns are the perfect corner piece, color accent, and entry way greeting.  Double them up to create a prestigious walkway for graduates, retirees, birthday boys and girls, or for the new mom-to-be.  Balloon columns start at 6 feet but can be customized to meet your specific needs for colors, height, and theme.  Let us help you shine at your corporate event, birthday celebration, or festive themed party.


Starting at $500

Our dazzling balloon arches are welcoming and exude a feeling of confidence, celebration, and prestige.  They are the perfect touch for weddings, grand openings, milestones, reunions, and any doorway or gateway leading to something special.  They also make an amazing backdrop when paired with one of our backdrop rentals.  Arches start at 25 feet and like all of our party creations can be customized with your personal preferences.


From $89-$250

Our balloon bouquets are by-far our most requested item.  They are perfect for any occasion as a way to say congratulations, happy birthday, I love you, or get well soon.  Balloon bouquets come in 5 different sizes – mini, small, medium, large, and maxi.  Each size up includes more balloons and greater detail.  You can add numbers for birthdays and anniversaries, initials or names to personalize it, and even write a personalized message in vinyl.


Starting at $850

The perfect backdrop for all photo opportunities, balloon walls allow you to capture that special moment.  Create memorable images for birthdays, prom, baby showers, graduations, bridal showers, weddings, and more.  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but with the perfect backdrop it will leave you speechless.  Let’s work together to bring you those memorable moments and customize your perfect balloon wall.


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Make your tables pop and your room shine with our customized table centerpieces.  This simple addition can add fun and flair to receptions, banquets, quinceañeras, birthdays, reunions, and any place where friends, family, or colleagues gather.  We can personalize any centerpiece with your choice of colors, numbers, names, and more.  Want to decorate multiple tables?  We have discounts for that, so be sure to request a quote.


Rentals Starting at $200

A balloon mosaic allows you to add that extra personal touch with balloon-filled numbers and letters.  Customize numbers to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.  Include names or initials to honor the recipient.  Our balloon mosaics start at 5 feet and can be customized any way you see fit.  We can customize the colors, height, numbers, letters, and design to make your loved one feel like the king or queen for the day.


Rentals Starting at $150

Let that special person see his or her name, initials, or age in lights!  Our marquee rentals shine even more light on special occasions from birthdays and anniversaries to any milestone worth celebrating.  Our marquees with lights are 5 feet tall and can be customized with numbers and letters.  We do offer you discounts for multiple letters and numbers, so please be sure to request a quote for your project.


Rentals Starting at $200

Why keep it all inside when you can shout it to the world?  Our yard signs are perfect for letting everyone know what’s inside.  Announce that special day to the whole neighborhood and welcome your guests as they arrive.  Customize your yard sign with numbers and colors of your choice.  Add extra flair and yard decorations if you choose.  Our yard signs are hand-crafted and stand tall and proud at 5 feet.  Let’s get started on yours.


From $150 to $400

We can make any picture sparkle with our 7×7 foot shimmer backdrop, add festivity to your party with our 7×7 foot grass backdrop, and create a unique outlines with our 7 foot circular or triangular backdrops.  Circular and triangular rent for $100, grass backdrop rents for $150, and the shimmer backdrop rents for $250.  Rates are for backdrops only.  Balloons and flair may be added per your request but are not included in rates here.


Just $69

It will be hard not to notice this jumbo helium balloon for that special occasion.  Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and any special occasion or milestone.  Show support, express sympathy, or tell them to get well soon.  Your jumbo helium balloon will include a personalized vinyl phrase of your choosing.  And, of course, we can customize the color of the balloon and color of your personalized phrase as well.

Flower Bouquets

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Custom floral arrangements available to go with any occasion. Ready for hire, decor coordinator call for quote. Non-refundable deposit required. Fee based service with costs of items by volume needed. Market prices may apply for perishables.