About Us

A Mother-and-Daughter Company

Hi there!

We are Myriam (right) and Sophia (left) Olvera; thank you so much for stopping by our website. We are the proud owners of Sophia’s Party Creations and proud to be a mother-and-daughter owned business and team.

We started this business with one thing in mind – making events a celebration and making people happy. We are passionate about creativity, design, color, and making your friends, family, and loved ones smile. That’s why we handcraft each arrangement with love.

We have a simple philosophy – Without balloons, there is no party. So let us serve you and make you shine. We can help you celebrate your loved ones, dazzle your party guests, be the star of your corporate event, or simply add some fun and flair to any event or occasion.

Here's How We Got Started...

As a mom, I have to admit that I’m a bit of a mixture between perfectionist and creative spirit. I’ve always enjoyed decorating my own events and going that extra mile. So when my friends kept raving about the decorations, I offered to start helping them with their parties. My daughter helped me along the way and not only loved it, but demonstrated a gift for creativity. We decided to take the next step and started taking classes with the best national and international balloon creators.

It brings me such joy to do this with my daughter. Not only do we get to spend time together doing something we are both passionate about, but I get to witness her creativity and skillful technique in action. We named the business after Sophia because we want her to learn the lessons early in life on what it takes to be an entrepreneur like her father.

Being in the balloon business, we’ve been asked about our own personal favorites. Sophia and I both love the color shiny pink! It just exemplifies elegance, class, and happiness. The high quality finish adds texture and shine to our arrangements.

And here is something you will love no matter what colors you choose. We only use high-quality balloons from Italy allowing our arrangements to last up to three weeks. So…what’s your color?

Proud to be Featured in DFWomen...